Travel in Laos

14 September, 2017

Laos pristine and peaceful country, which attracts millions of tourists around the world to Luang Prabang with splendid temples, magnificent royal palaces museum, unique jungle fields, Vientiane Buddha Garden. Unique and cheap artwork, delicious food ...

Come to Laos, you can go down the Mekong, explore the ecology of this place, enjoy the beautiful scenery, culture, life of the people floating on water waves.The more you can not ignore is Luang Prabang with the mountains covered with messages covered and located right at the junction of the Mekong River and Nam Khan has made Luang Prabang majestic natural beauty, not fading over time.

Not only that, Luang Prabang preserves the ancient temples, despite many ups and downs in history. With homes, villas or hotels in Luang Prabang, the combination of sophistication between traditional French architecture and traditional Laos style. All make a beauty just modern and ancient. And there are many more interesting things in this thousand elephant country waiting to be discovered.